R.I.P.L.M. #54

R.I.P.L.M. #54


Please allow up to one month for manufacturing and delivery of your handmade, individually numbered, and signed copy of Rest In Peace Little Monster. .. (for tomorrow we've scores to maim.)


The book is funny. The state of the American postal service is scary.


Each copy of the Halloween 2020 R.I.P.L.M. comes in a burlap sack with a flashlight to help light your way.


Trenton Jones and his skeleton crew are going to work themselves to the bone in order to get you your book before Halloween 2020.


For this reason, preorders are limited.  Thank you for your understanding. 


Please follow @riplittlemonster on Twitter and Instagram for updates.


Questions? restinpeacelittlemonster@gmail.com

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